Route is a tracking app that will help you track all of your packages in one place.


Why does Tina Davies Professional offer this option? 

We have found that some of our customers may find value in offering a shipping insurance option on packages shipped through us. Depending on your carrier, location or unforeseen circumstances, shipping insurance provides assurance that if for some reason you don’t receive your package, your purchase is covered.

What is Route Package Protection? 

This is optional insurance coverage for your package. When you purchase coverage for your package, you will be insured if the package is lost, damaged or stolen! 


How do I file a claim for my lost, stolen or damaged order? 

If you insured your order with Route at checkout, please reach out on our Contact Us page with your Order Number and issue, we will gladly assist with filing the claim for you as well as take the next steps.


Is Route a licensed insurance company? 

Yes. Route is a licensed insurance company with the biggest name in shipping insurance as its partner, Lloyds of London.


What do I do if my package is missing and I didn’t opt-in for the Route+ coverage at checkout? 

If you didn’t opt-in for Route coverage,  please reach out on our Contact Us page and we can look into this further.